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Event Details

Charity Fun Day - Relay Games

Relay. Games. Fun. Challenges. Join us for the event and skill challenging games, competing in small team of 3-4. Each diverse team will race against time to complete each challenge! After signing up, share your participant's link to your family and friends to have them support you in the event!


Charity Fun Day (Relay Games) was put together to encourage diverse friendly fun locally. We certainly are more blessed in our lives than many others in this world! 

With every participant sharing their link with family and friends, raising even just $1 each; together, we can really make a difference in the lives of people in need! 


Who We Are:

Light & Love Home is a non-profit organization, servicing communities all around the world. Locally, we are located in Brooklyn, New York and servicing the neighborhood, the borough, and beyond. Our local services include After-School Programs, Summer Day Camp, Senior Day Center, and more. We provide services and information as resources, especially for the community in the Sunset Park neighborhood. 


Our Charity:

The Light & Love Home Global Charity helps more than 3600+ people. People who may otherwise not have anyone else to turn to. The Light & Love Home Global Charity programs include school sponsorships, children's homes and orphanages, sustainable services, meal programs, and more. 


Join us on September 21st for Charity Fun Day!" 


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